The classic, waist-up, smiling portrait of a couple on their wedding day.

It’s just the two of you. You’re holding each other close, proud as can be. Your happiness is self-evident, and your smiles are positively infectious as you look straight into the camera. Only it’s not just a camera that you’re looking at. It’s your Mom and Dad. It’s your children. It’s your children’s children. For you are immortal in this moment. Time will march on, but the two of you will peer out from your wooden frame on the shelf, forever perfect. Forever newlyweds on this, your wedding day. 

It’s almost too simple—you just take a close-up picture of the couple smiling, right? But, it’s because of its simplicity that a shot like this might not end up getting taken. 

Let’s face it, this isn’t the most modern type of wedding portrait—it’s not the one that your wedding photographer is going to win an award for having taken, and it might not be one that you even thought to put on your list of ‘must-have shots’—but this shot is one that I always do when I photograph a couple’s wedding. I take it because I know that out of the hundreds I take, it’s this picture that will get printed and framed, and a printed picture in a frame will end up outliving us all.